Rio Water Week 2018

November, 26-28



Bringing together the world's leading specialists in water



Multiple topic-separated topics



More than 100 integrated partner entities


Alceu Guérios Bittencourt
Édison Carlos
Thiago Augusto Terada
Rubens Filho
Stela Goldenstein
Guilherme Albuquerque
Ricardo Röver Machado
Mario Pino
Rita Cavaleiro de Ferreira
Adriana Lagrotta Leles
Xavier Vidal
Andre Braga Galvão Silveira
Julian Thornton
Jairo Tardelli Filho
José Manuel Pereira Vieira
Orestes Gonçalves
Luciana Capanema
Ricardo Röver Machado
General Coordination
Marisa Guimarães
Alejo Molinari
Alceu de Castro Galvão Junior
Miguel Fernandez
Vanessa Fernanda Schmitt
Dante Ragazzi Pauli
Édison Carlos
Rubens Filho
Maria de Lourdes da Cunha Wolff
Rita Cavaleiro de Ferreira
Luiz Carlos Xavier da Silva
André Braga Galvão Silveira
Gari Villa-Landa Sokolova

This event, already held in other countries such as Sweden and Singapore, will bring together professionals and companies from Brazil and other countries, will also involve the academic community, experts and international organizations to discuss water in its broader conception, public policies and solutions and technologies in Brazil and around the world, focusing on UN Sustainable Development Goal 6: WATER AND SEWAGE FOR ALL UNTIL 2030!

The greatest challenge is to go beyond the frontiers of our Brazil and to interest and bring to discuss universalization our great international partners
Presidente da Abes
Roberval Tavares
We are adapting to our RIO WATER WEEK some aspects that we consider positive in the organization and planning of the World Water Forum and the Water Weeks that preceded us. Among them, it would highlight a very relevant participation of the partner organizations - almost a hundred - that will effectively coordinate the 65 sessions of RIO WATER WEEK, bringing with them a wide experience in the four quadrants of the planet
Vice-Presidente da Abes
Carlos Alberto Rosito


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