Dhesigen Naidoo is a leader, a scientist and an activist for social change. He has, as CEO, led the
Water Research Commission(WRC), South Africa’s dedicated national water and sanitation
Innovation, Research and Development Agency since 2011. He has previously served in senior
positions in the South African national government and South African universities having begun his
career as a medical scientist in a specialist paediatric hospital.
He works with the fundamental belief that the removal of water as a development constraint and
the restoration of human dignity through improved sanitation will positively change the future for
billions in the developing world. He also has dedicated his and the efforts of the WRC, in vital local
and global partnerships, to achieve the goals of universal access to water and sanitation through
knowledge solutions and innovation. The WRC itself operates under the banner of “Amandla Olwazi
Kubantu” or “Power of knowledge to the People” as the means to empower a journey to global
sustainable development and a better life for all.