Rio Water Week will be held for the first time in Brazil from November 26th to 28th in Rio de Janeiro

The city of Rio de Janeiro will become the world capital of water with the realization of this international event unprecedented in the country. Professionals, the academic community, companies and international organizations will gather together to discuss water in its broader conception, addressing challenges, public policies and solutions and technologies existing in Brazil and in the world.


São Paulo, February, 2018

In 2018, ABES – The Brazilian Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering will hold in Brazil, for the first time, the most important event regarding water in the world: the RIO WATER WEEK, from November 26th to 28th, in Riocentro, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This achievement, which already takes place in other countries, such as Sweden and Singapore, will bring together professionals and companies from Brazil and other countries and will also involve the academic community, experts and international organizations to discuss water in its broader conception, addressing challenges, public policies and the existing solutions and technologies in Brazil and around the world, focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goal 6: WATER AND SEWAGE FOR ALL BY 2030!

“The greatest challenge is to go beyond the borders of Brazil to interest and bring our great international partners to the discussion about the universalization of the sanitation services”, says the president of ABES, Roberval Tavares de Souza.

“We are adapting to our RIO WATER WEEK some aspects that we consider positive from the organization and planning of the World Water Forum and the Water Weeks that have preceded us. Among those I would highlight a very relevant participation of the partner organizations – almost a hundred of them – that will effectively coordinate the 65 sessions of the RIO WATER WEEK, bringing with them a wide experience from all parts of the planet “, emphasizes the vice-president of ABES, Carlos Alberto Rosito, founder and ambassador of the event.

There will be 9 themes (below) and about 23 Topics and 45 Sessions in the event:


Some of the participants in the coordination of the Thematic Programming are the following specialists: Gustavo Heredia, from Aguatuya/Bolivia; Marisol Fraga, from EPMAPS/Agua de Quito/Ecuador; Denis Penouel, from SIAAP/Paris; Alejo Molinari/Aferas/Eras; Marcelo Lelis, from the National Secretariat of Environmental Sanitation/Ministry of Cities/Brazil; André Silveira, also of the Ministry of Cities/Brazil/ Rita Cavaleiro, from GIZ; Miguel Fernandez, from Aquacon; Alceu Galvão, from ARCE (Regulation Agency in Ceará/Brazil); and Ricardo Röver Machado, coordinator of the ABES Thematic Chamber on Losses and Energy Efficiency, among others.

With the expectation of bringing together about 1.500 people in the thematic sessions, the RIO WATER WEEK will make history, inserting Brazil in the most important water discussions on the planet.


Road show in São Paulo – February 6

ABES will promote, on February 6, in São Paulo, the Rio Water Week launch road show.

The event will take place in the auditorium of the Regional Chemistry Council (Rua Oscar Freire, 2039, in Pinheiros).

RSVP: 11 5067-1799 or by email


About ABES

With 51 years of experience in sanitation and environment in Brazil, the Brazilian Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering -ABES brings together in its associative body about 10,000 professionals in the sector. ABES’ mission is to promote and estimulate technical-scientific, political-institutional and management activities that contribute to the development of environmental sanitation, aiming at improving health, the environment and people’s quality of life.



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