Theme 8: Comunication & Information Technology

Dante Ragazzi Pauli
Sabesp - Abes CT Comuicação
Dante graduated in Civil Engineering from Mackenzie University (1984), with Specialization in Public Health Engineering from USP (1989) and a Master's Degree in Environmental Sanitation from Mackenzie University (1988). He has been working in the São Paulo State Basic Sanitation Company - SABESP since 1985, in several areas. He is currently the Superintendent of Integrated Planning at Sabesp. He has also been a Professor at the Mackenzie Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism (since 1985) and Mackenzie Faculty of Engineering. He was the national president of ABES from 2013 to 2016 and now he coordinates the ABES Thematic Chamber of Communication on Sanitation.
Édison Carlos
Trata Brasil
Edison Carlos is the CEO of the Instituto Trata Brazil; graduated in Industrial Chemistry. He worked for many years in areas related to Communication and Institutional Relations in the chemical and petrochemical sectors. In addition to a degree in Chemistry from the Oswaldo Cruz University, he is post-graduated in Strategic Communication. He worked for nearly 20 years in various positions at Solvay Group, being responsible for Communications and Corporate Affairs at Solvay Indupa in his last years at the company. In 2012, Edison Carlos was honoured with the prize "Make a Difference - Person of the Year" of the newspaper O Globo - Category "Tomorrow Magazine" that rewards those who excelled in the area of Sustainability in Brazil. Between 2014 and 2016, Edison worked in a partnership with the National Confederation of Bishops of Brazil (CNBB) and the National Council of Christian Churches (Conic) for the 2016 Ecumenical Fraternity Campaign that warned of the need for basic sanitation in Brazil.
Rubens Filho
Trata Brasil
Rubens Filho is a journalist who graduated from the Universidade of Taubaté (in São Paulo) and is attending the Professional Master’s Program in Environment, Health and Sustainability at the University of São Paulo. For four years he has worked in the communication department of governmental entities in the interior of the State of São Paulo and performed in the areas of communication and culture in France and England. Since the second semester in 2013, Rubens Filho has been coordinating the communication department at the Instituto Trata Brasil, working directly with strategies to divulge the studies and social projects, and also has been a lecturer in events about sanitation for cities’, states’ and the federal governments as well as universities around Brazil.
Maria de Lourdes da Cunha Wolff
Maria has been an employee of the Municipal Water and Sewage Department of Porto Alegre for 35 years. She has graduated in Journalism and Public Relations from Famecos/PUCRS. She has created and has been an editor of the ECO Magazine of Dmae. She coordinated the dissemination of the XXVII Inter-American Congress on Sanitary and Environmental Engineering/AIDIS, in Porto Alegre, in 2000. She was one of the founders of the First Inter-American Forum on Environmental Journalism and the First Inter-American Award for Environmental Journalism/AIDIS. Since 1999, he has coordinated the organizing committee of the Inter-American and State Water Weeks of Rio Grande do Sul, promoted by ABES-RS. In 2006, she presented the project of the Inter-American Water Week in Rio Grande do Sul at the 4th World Water Forum in Mexico.
Murilo F. de Sant’Anna
Consórcio PCJ
Murilo is a journalist, graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas/São Paulo. He has worked in the printed media of the Metropolitan Region of Campinas, such as the Tribuna Liberal newspapers, Integration Journal and Spasso Cidades. Since 2009, he has been working in the Communications Department of the PCJ Consortium, a national and international reference in water resources management, where he acts as the Communication and Environmental Awareness manager. He also carries out activities in the area of Corporate Affairs and Institutional Cooperation, which have enabled him to acquire solid experience in international relations and interlocution due to the partnerships that the PCJ Consortium maintains in the area of water management.
Maria Lúcia B. Coelho Silva
Engenharia química, especialista em Gestão Ambiental. Exerceu, de 1978 a 2013, atividades na Fundação Estadual de Proteção Ambiental (FEPAM), na área de gestão de Recursos Hídricos – controle e qualidade das águas superficiais. Publicou diversos trabalhos sobre Avaliação da Qualidade da Água, Planejamento Ambiental, Gestão dos Recursos Hídricos e Participação da Sociedade no Processo de Gestão Ambiental. Presidiu a Seção Rio Grande do Sul da ABES, foi diretora Região Sul e tesoureira adjunta da Diretoria Nacional da ABES. Integra o Conselho Editorial da Revista Bio. Conselheira do CONAMA e do Fundo Nacional de Meio Ambiente (FNMA). Membro do Grupo de Trabalho Interministerial de Acompanhamento da Implantação do Plano Nacional de Saneamento Básico – PLANSAB.
Ana Paula Vieira Rogers
ABES/CT Comunicação
Ana is the director of Foco 21 Communication. She is a journalist graduated at the Methodist University of São Paulo and doing her post-graduation in Environment and Society by FESPSP. She is the deputy coordinator of the Thematic Chamber for Communication in Sanitation of ABES and advisor of Communication of ABES (national) and of ABES São Paulo. She coordinated the edition of the Environmental Impact Reports (RIMA) of the Ribeiro Gonçalves, Uruçuí, Cachoeira, Estreito and Castelhano Hydroelectric Power Plant (Rio Parnaíba / Piauí-Maranhão) in 2010. As a communications manager at Fecomercio SP, she was de press agent of the entity's Sustainability Board, chaired by Professor José Goldemberg. She is part of the Third Sector Observatory and co-hosts the radio show with the same name on Trianon AM radio station in São Paulo.