Water and Business

November the 27th

The Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS), the Brazil Network of the Global Compact and the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) have developed the “Water and Business" event as a private sector contribution to Rio Water Week. The event will bring the business vision associated with two main themes: Water Security and Sanitation.

The Water and Business will bring together top-level panelists that will include national and international business and civil society organizations during the 27th of November, the 2nd day of the Conference.


About the UN Global Compact
The Global Compact is a major corporate citizenship initiative in the world, comprised of more than 13 companies and non-profit organizations that are practice-based, have access to tools and sources and develop projects with the Sustainable Development Goals. Brazil has the third larger network with more than 770 members. Launched in 2000 by then-UN executive Kofi Annan, the Global Compact was born from mobilizing a business community to apply fundamental and internationally accepted values in its business practices on four fronts: Human Rights, Decent Work, Environment and Anti-Corruption. The Brazil Network of the Global Compact led actions in the areas of Water, Food and Agriculture, Energy and Climate, Human Rights and Labor, as well as Anti-Corruption actions and focused on ODS.
CEBDS (The Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development) is a non-profit civil association that promotes sustainable development in companies operating in Brazil, through articulation with governments and the civil society, as well as disseminating the most current concepts and practices of the theme. The institution was founded in 1997 by a group of great Brazilian entrepreneurs aware of the changes and opportunities that sustainability brought, mainly from Rio 92. Today it brings together 60 of the largest business groups in the country, representing about 45% of GDP and accounting for more than 1 million direct jobs. It represents in Brazil the network of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), which involving almost 60 national and regional councils in 36 countries, operating in 22 industrial sectors, besides having 200 business groups that operate in all the continents.
About CNI
The National Confederation of Industry (CNI) is the highest representation body of the Brazilian industrial sector. It represents 27 industry federations and 1,280 employers' unions, which are affiliated with almost 1.2 million industries. It manages the Social Service of Industry (SESI), the National Industrial Learning Service (SENAI) and the Euvaldo Lodi Institute (IEL), which provides technical and technological services and health and safety at work. An important interlocutor in the national scenario, the CNI coordinates with entities and organizations in Brazil and abroad to promote debates and consensus on major national and international issues that impact on the Brazilian and global economies. It develops studies and proposals for the construction and improvement of policies and laws that improve the business environment.